Amantia is a persistent realm in which to play Dungeons and Dragons—specifically, the Pathfinder derivative produced by Paizo. Amantia is made up of a number of continents, within each adventurers seek glory, riches, enlightenment, or otherwise. The actions that take place in Amantia ripple across the world, and those ripples are recorded here. We invite you to join us on this quest, and help make Amantia a fantasy world for all.


While intercontinental adventuring and trade is not unheard of, Amantia's continents remain mostly independent (for the sake of maintaining DM controlled environments). As of now, the following continents have been explored:


Amantia is set in a fairly standard fantasy world, with variations specified for each continent or country. Although the Pathfinder RPG system is used, it is important to note that the standard planar cosmology and pantheon of gods comes from Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition (though individual cultures may worship their own pantheon of lower or patron gods). Time in Amantia is measured in years After Breaking, or AB. The standard Era is the Great Imperial Era, from 5200 AB to 5400 AB. All information recorded here pertains to that time period, unless otherwise specified.

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