Ameson, in the northwestern corner of the continent of Erias, exists as a mix of races, but primarily elves and humans. The occasional halfing town is not unheard of, and gnomish caravans roam on rare occasions. Ameson is less of a country then a loose conglomeration of cities who don't find themselves under the rule of the neighbouring country of Keton. The lack of central government helps to increase the cultural variety across Ameson.


Ameson is located in the forested area on the northwestern corner of Erias, stretching from the surrounding ocean to the Sea of Eulana. The forests are thickest in central Ameson, and thin out towards the coastline. The climate is moderate, and weather tends not to be a major issue. The elves tend to live towards the central forest, while humans make their homes along the coast. Scattered halfling cities dot the forest.


Ameson suffers from very little political turmoil. The cultural variety in Ameson inhibits any attempt at central government, not to mention the fear that it will draw the wrath of the nearby Keton. If any political strife occurs, it does so within the walls of individual cities. The most powerful cities are Belonde, located centrally in the forest—by some considered the capital of the elves—and Sterwich, a human trading city on the coast of the Sea of Eulana.


Ameson, given its cultural variety and lack of central government, has no dominant industry, but as a country is self sufficient. Intercity trade is necessary to acquire life sustaining goods. While no central trading organization exists, trade within Ameson is very lucrative—the different cities tend to produce a variety of goods. Intercountry trade is also practiced, but is severly hampered by Ketonian taxes, both on Amesian exports, and on use of trade routes. Intercontintal trade is dominated soley by Keton.