• Continent: Erias
  • Time: 5200 AB

Starting Point:

  • Country: Keton
  • City: Caton


Many details are found on the respective wiki pages below, but the following is the task at hand.

  • Party is approached by Albor Terrel to deal with The Bloodied Hand, who have recently escalated their pillaging, and have even mounted a successful assault on a Navy vessel, a clipper named the Seahammer.
  • Party is offered a schooner named the Waveglider, and a single crewman to operate it, if desired (see Edmon Walt). Your job is to track down the Hand's port of operations. Intelligence has reached Terrel of a large trade vessel, the Lucky Angel, will be docking in the northwestern Keton town of Shystead, and the Hand are likely to attempt a raid. You have clearance to board the ship, and are given a writ with the king's seal instructing the Captain to follow your orders. Whatever you do, this may be the only way to track down the Hand's base, so do it well.

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  • Riffolk Ferre - Level 6 NG Human Ranger (Falconer), Special Officer in the Ketonian Navy
  • Lohte - Level 6 CN Human Rogue, Hired Hand due to piracy experience
  • Brayden Wolfgang - Level 6 LN Human Cleric, Combat Lt. in Ketonian Navy

Campaign NotesEdit


  • Riffolk is given orders to report to the Ministry, now
  • Brayden is commanded by a Captain to report to the Ministry, quickly
  • Lohte is offered by an Upper Clerk a high paying job, and reports to Ministry
  • L arrives, hides under table