Arkon is a wartorn continent in southern Amantia. Three countries populate Arkon—Asana, Romara, and Ferrin—and have been in constant battle since their formation centuries ago. The people of Arkon know no rest, only conflict, perhaps with the exception of the well defended Asana.


Arkon is shaped vaguely like an upside down triangle, with the northwest corner proceeding off into a long land bridge. Asana lies at the southern tip, a prosperous area of fertile plains and deltas, with temperate climate. Romara owns the most land—though by no great margin—and sprawls across the temperate hills of the northwest tip. Ferrin sits in the colder northeast, with their backs to the uninhabitable Mountains of Kurag—a seemingly unending series of peaks that no citizen of Arkon has successfully crossed. The borders between the three continents are uninhabitable Wastes—a state from which they draw their name. The march of soldier's boots have torn the ground in The Wastes into useless mud and scrub, with true vegetation a valuable rarity.


No one country has managed to dominate Arkon—war has dominated for what seems like eternity. The major driving factor behind the war lies in land and location. Ferrin despises it's location; the bitter cold, minimal area for growth, and deathly mountains at their rear cause them to naturally seek expansion. Romara expands out of greed, and uses their massive war machine to push the borders of the surrounding countries. Asana fights a different war then their neighbors. Rather then a war of agression, Asana seeks to defend their borders, and their people, at all costs—a feat they are well renowned for.


Arkon experiences almost no trade, as trade would be aiding the enemy. Rare intercontinental shipments are prized for their value. Romaran industry has one purpose—to fuel the war machine. Food production and weapon and armor making are popular crafts, and Romaran siege weapons are feared by all Arkonians. Ferrin economy thrives on internal trade—a necessity to live in their environment. Asanian architects are known for the ability to build intricate defenses from shabby materials, while the everyday citizen is likely to farm the fertile plains that cover the landscape.