Erias is a large, maritime continent in southern Amantia. Erias is dominated by the human civilization of Keton, which uses its economic influence to keep the lesser human/elf nation of Ameson and the small Dwarven civilization of Mytor under its thumb. Erias's temperate climate and varying terrain gives way to a diverse population.


The main land mass of Keton is shaped like a large "U"—a circle disturbed by a large inlet known as the Sea of Eulana. The majority of Erias is dominated by Keton. Ameson resides in a small forested area in the northeast corner of Erias. To the northwest lie the Ibian Peaks, a small range of mountains, under which the dwarves of Mytor build their underground cities.


Keton's economic dominance dictates the politics in Erias. The Ketonian monarchy sets the trade rules, and demands tax from Ameson and Mytor for use of all major trade routes. Diplomats from Keton are held in high regard. Ameson shares a healthy trade relationship with Keton, though its people occasionally grumble about the Ketonian taxes. Mytor chooses to remain isolationist, allowing visitors to enter their nation for trade, but rarely leaving their own territory. War has been unknown to Erias for centuries—the economic power provides a grudging peace.