Finn Yarne is the magistrate of Arley, and under the pay and threat of The Bloodied Hand to assure Arley provides them safe harbor and services.


Finn is a nervous man, who wishes for a way out of his situation, even if it means giving up his power. Although originally excited to assume the position of Magistrate after serving as the previous magistrate's chief clerk, he is harried from years of dealing with the Hand.


Finn is a tall, frail, and bald, with even his 50 year old body showing age beyond his years. He prefers simple clothing, and not to offend.


Human CR 1 XP 400 Any Medium Humanoid Aristocrat level 2 (skill points 16) Aristocrat Expert level 2 (skill points 20) Lawyer Init 0; Senses ; Perception +8 DEFENSE AC 10, Touch 10, flat footed 10 (+ No Armour, + Shield, none) hp 18 (0d8+2d6+2d8+2); Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +7 OFFENSE Speed 30 Melee Single Attack Unarmed strike +1 (1d2-1) Full Attack Unarmed strike +1 (1d2-1) Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft. Special Attacks STATISTICS Str 9, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 12, Chr 16 Base Attack 2 CMB 1; CMD 11 Feats Armour Prof Heavy, Armour Prof Light, Armour Prof Medium, Leadership: Attract cohort and followers, Martial Weap Prof, Persuasive: +2 Diplomacy +2 Intimidate, Shield Proficiency: Can use shields, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Skill Focus (Bluff): +3 Bluff, Tower Shield Proficiency: Can use the tower shield and suffer only normal shield skill penalties Skills Appraise 7, Bluff 13, Diplomacy 12, Disguise 3, Handle Animal 3, Intimidate 12, Know Arcana 7, Know Arch & Eng 3, Know Geography 3, Know History 3, Know Local 3, Know Nobility 9, Know Religion 3, Linguistics 3, Perception 8, Perform Oratory 10, Ride 6, Sense Motive 8, Survival 1, Swim 3 Languages Common ECOLOGY Environment Any Organization Company 10-20, Band 30-100, Squad 4-8 Treasure Standard