On the border of Romara and Asana lies the Great Keep at Enbrook. Built over the course of decades by Asanian architects, the Great Keep helps hold the Asanian border from Romaran offenses. It's towering stone walls strike fear in the heart of the average soldier. More fearsome are the Asanian 4th Platoon who defend it, a group of X trained, battle hardened soldiers who strike from within and around its walls to repel attackers.


The Great Keep is constructed fully of stone mined and shipped in stealth from the Ferrin mountains. It's outer wall looms at 20 feet, with battlements for archers and mages across the top. A metal portcullis holds the main gate, inside of which lay the outer grounds. The Outer Grounds hold the 4th Platoon camp, as well as livestock. The inner wall lies at a greater 30 feet, and it's entrance is a looming keep. The keep's wooden reinforced doors bar from the inside, and it houses the upper officers. Inside the inner walls lie the training grounds, where the 4th Platoon skirmishes to keep their skills sharp.


DC 30 to climb outer wall DC 35 to climb inner wall Str DC 30 to lift portcullis Str DC 27 to break inner door, Hardness 8, HP 40