Keton is a country on the continent of Erias. Its population is predominantly human, though adventurers of many races may make their way across it. Keton dominates the politics of Erias, mainly through economic control and taxation. Keton's strong Navy and maritime trade help enforce this dominance.


Like most of Erias, Keton exists in a temperate climate, and suffers little at the hands of the weather. Keton's land mass dominates the large "U" that is Erias, with the bordering nations of Ameson in the northwest, and Mytor in the northeast. The "U" centers around the large Sea of Eulana, which empties into the surrounding ocean in the north.


Keton's economy has a strong maritime influence. Major industries include trading, fishing, and shipbuilding. Keton dominates all trade across the Sea of Eulana and enforces high tolls on Amesian traders who wish to use it. Keton has completely monopoly on intercontinental trade in Erias, though the practice is still rare. Keton does rely upon Ameson for lumber, and Mytor for stone, but are apt at downplaying this reliance to their advantage.


Keton governs by monarchy. The High King's throne is located in the city of Caton, a major coastal trading city on shores of the Sea of Eulana, on the western side of Erias. For as long as anyone can remember, the High King has been of the Tibyn bloodline, and the family has served the country well. The High King's Diplomats handle affairs abroad, while his Administrators operate with the full force of law across Keton. The High King also maintains control of the Keton Navy, the primary military force of the State.