Myro is a nation near the middle of the continent Ea. Its main features include an overabundance of gems and its inhabitants proficiency with magic and distaste for physical combat.


Myro is a nation that takes great pride in its magic. Society is split clearly into two social classes: miner and mage. The miners spend their lives toil in the deep mines of Myro, providing the gems that are so vital to the nation's magecraft. In return, the mages spend their lives studying in order to find the One Truth, which is believed to be the source of everything. Myro is locked in constant warfare with Dhaira . The mages rarely resort to fighting in person. Instead, they either send the miners or hire mercenaries with gold earned by selling their precious gems.


Myran magecraft operates by charging a gem with mana. Depending on the type of gem and the amount of magic used, different effects can be attained. For example, putting a moderate amount of mana into an emerald augments the wearers health and stamina. However, pumping more mana into it inside of a special circle will cause it to slowly poison the wearer. In addition, sequences of gems can be arrayed to perform great spells called "Wonders".


Myro lies on the eastern border of Dhaira. The climate in Myro is typically very hot in the day and very cold at night. The terrain is very hilly and rocky, and not at all suitable to farming. Because of this, most city-dwellers in Myro cultivate a small personal garden, whether for research or simply to eat. Myro has very sparse natural vegetation. There are only a handful of shrubs and weeds that are tough enough to survive the enviroment.