Riffolk Ferre is a Human Falconer from Keton. He is a special officer in the Ketonian Navy. His animal companion is Touk the Falcon.

Back StoryEdit

Riffolk grew up outside Caton in a small forest town. His father was a locally renown hunter and he trained Riffolk in hunting. In one of their hunts, an unusually friendly falcon approached Riffolk. The falcon followed them home, so Riffolk decided to keep the falcon and train it to aid them in hunting.

Using his mastery of the bow, and new found companion, Riffolk became a master hunter. His father's hunting business grew incredibly popular and profitable. His father used the new found wealth to buy the expensive bow, armor, and sword that Riffolk usually wields.

Not long after this boom in business, Riffolk's father grew fatally ill. Riffolk no longer enjoyed hunting without his father, and passed the business along to his fathers new apprentice. Wanting to find new purpose in life, make some money, and apply his unique skills, Riffolk decided to join the Ketonian Navy. He quickly rose in ranks thanks to his determination, confidence, and the ability to do many operations other military personnel couldn't.

Character SheetEdit

Riffolk Ferre Human Falconer Level 6 NG Str 15 +2 Dex 20 +5 Con 18 +4 Int 12 +1 Wis 13 +1 Cha 10 +0 BAB +6/+1 CMB 8 CMD 23 AC 22 FF 17 Touch 15 HP 71 Attacks: + 2 Composite Longbow +14/+9 1d8+4 20/x3 Rapid Fire +12/+12/+7/+7 1d8+4 20/x3 Masterwork Longsword +12/+7 1d8+3 19/20x2 Feats: Point-Blank Shot Precise Shot Rapid Shot Weapon finese Skills: 6+1 / level climb 7 handle animal 12 heal 7 intimidate 5 know nature 7 know geography 4 perception 13 ride 7 spellcraft 4 stealth 11 survival 12 swim 5 Favored Enemies: Human (+4) Animal(+2) equip: +1 mithril breastplate +7 ac +6 max dex armor check -1 2200gp Bracers of Lesser Archery 5000gp +2 comp longbow 8000gp mstrwrk longsword 300gp

Touk the FalconEdit

Touk the Falcon Level 6 Animal Companion AC 19 HP 42 Str 15, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 7 Base Atk +4; CMB 6; CMD 18 Skills Fly +9, Perception +16; Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +4 Feats: multiattack fly-by attack dodge improved natural attack Full Attack: 2 talons +7 (1d6+2) bite +7 (1d6+2) Tricks: Distract (Dc20) Swooping Charge (Dc20) Fetch (Dc 15) Attack(Dc 20) Defend(Dc 20) Come(Dc 15)