Spooks are a subterrainian race of very small creatures. Their most Prominent feature are the masks that they all wear. Usually made out of a leaf or a scrap of bark, losing your mask means exile from Spook society. Spooks organize into tribes in which they collectively elect a chief. The chief undergoes a ritual and then spontaneously grows to the size of a small dwarf.


Spooks are very small, only reaching slightly higher than human ankle height. Each and every Spook has a mask with simple mouth and eye holes. Beneath the mask, Spooks have glassy white eyes and a round mouth. Instead of a nose, they have two nostril holes in their face. They have rough, gray-blue skin. On each hand, they have three webbed fingers. Their limbs are very proportionally long, with hands reaching far below their stomach. Their torso is short and very pudgy, making them look bloated.


Spooks prefer to live in dark slightly damp enviroments. Spooks diet consists of stone and rotten flesh. They can most commonly be found in abandoned mines and graveyards. Spooks can live in harsher climates, but they mostly stick to temperate areas.