The Bloodied Hand are a particularly nasty group of marauders with a habit of murdering their victims in an extremely gruesome manner. They attack trade and passenger ships along the coast of Sea of Eulana, caring not which country they happen to offend.


The Bloodied Hand exist as a small fleet of individual ships, who sail the Sea of Eulana looking for travelers to murder and new ships to steal. As they attack, they tend to grow in number—both due to newly acquired ships, and passengers convinced (by persuasion or force) to join their ranks. Although central command is weak, some claim that Raffolk Salte issues commands from their base in the port of Arley, a small coastal town in northern Ameson—though this location, and even name, is known to precious few.


Ships of the Bloodied Hand often appear painted red—not uncommonly with blood—and fly a tattered white flag with a hand painted in blood. Individual Hands are often scarred and tattoos, and their clothing caries the dried blood of both self and enemy.


The following are just some ships known to belong to the Bloodied Hand:

  • The Terrible Siren
  • The Maiden's Chain
  • The Spear of the Surf