Thune is a mid-magic continent primarily populated by Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. They are generally isolationist, and don't meddle in the affairs of other continents. The largest civilization of Thune is the country of Bevell.

Geography Edit

To the North end of the continent lies a vast mountain range. To the North of the mountain range is desolate ice sheets. These mountains are where the Dwarves call home. South from these mountains runs a great river that cleaves the massive fertile valley below in two. This valley is where the two countries of Humans live. To the West of this valley is a large swamp that leads to the sea. The swamp is home to many tribes of Orcs. South of the swamp are hills where a collection of Dwarves, Hobbits, Gnomes, and Humans call home. South of the hills and the fertile valley is the ocean. To the East of the valley is a vast forest that the locals call "The Never Ending Woods". The Elves live in the Western parts of the the forest as well as some of the Eastern most parts of the valley. To the East of the forest is unexplored by the locals. (*editors note: could be another continent, Ea, or whatever Campbell's is).


While the Races are generally peaceful towards each other in terms of trade, each country has a rich history of war and racism. In the recent era however, most interracial conflicts have died down to a simmer while many intra-racial wars are being fought.


Humans are the most populous race in Thune. The majority of humans live in the southern half of the valley in Bevell. The rest of humans are split between the country of Kriegfoedt and scattered among the other races. The humans of Thune are nearly always at war, in fact, Kriegfoedt has been in near constant war since its unification. Humans dominate trade in Thune, especially Bevell. Bevell has exclusive trading rights with the Elves while the Kriegfoedt is able to tax all Dwarven trade.